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our Mission

Our mission is to connect customers with nearby IT technicians,

the OurSupport platform provides businesses and individuals with a fast and efficient way to get the technical support they need, without having to search for and vet potential IT service providers on their own. This can be especially valuable for businesses and individuals who may not have the time, resources, or expertise to find reliable IT support services in their area. By providing a platform that connects customers with vetted and experienced IT technicians, OurSupport helps our customers save time and money, while also ensuring that they get the quality support they need to keep their systems and networks running smoothly.
block1 Having IT technicians readily available everywhere.
block2 Fully automated ticketing and work tracking process.
block3 Clear global pricing model for our customers.
block4 No contractual obligations, 100% pay-as-you-use.
block5 Easy to use platform
Our values

A quick response, profession IT service to our customers based on the following 6 pillars

Always learning
We are constantly evolving to ensure delivery of service with quality which we are proud of.
We aim to be the best and strive to keep our customers and representatives happy. We have clear goals, the energy and the willingness to get there.
We improve the quality of services and innovate for our customers each day.
We are constantly improving our system and the performance of our services, using the latest technologies.
Team spirit
At Tsolnetworks we are all one team, we all collaborate with ideas and suggestions to achieve effective and creative solutions.
We strive to be transpartent with our customres and representatives this is a formula for strengthening our relationship with customers and our team.
Our team

More than a company, we are one TEAM

We are one team, and each person is equally important. Our team consists of Consultants, Specialists and industry experts, highly certified , and with years of experience in the respective areas. At Oursupport we have an amazing team of IT professionals. We continuosly expanding our service team, making it easy to onboard, sharing of information, shadowing others, and with this we are able to leverage off the experience and knowledge that each one brings to the company and our customers. Imagine the knowedge and experience of 1000´s of IT profesionals behind each request for IT help. At your premsis, quick and easy and with a smile!

A new way of providing IT services

Technology is becoming more entrenched into our daily lives, the way we work and from where we work has changed, Humanity is no longer bound to within geographical borders. We have become working nomads using technology to stay connected. OurSupport provides everyone and every company a way to get IT tech support. Technology was once an escape from the real world, today technology is the real world. One cannot almost not afford be disconnected from it fro a period of time.