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IT support at the press of a button!

The thing about technology and recent events is that , we have all started to value and make an effort to have a more work-life balance. Embracing technology into our lives, many of us are now able to work remotely or in a hybrid work setup.

OurSupport has made it possible for organisations and individuals to easily get onsite or remote IT support when needed, without the headaches of having to find, negotiate pricing, wait days or take your hardware to the IT expert.

Download the Oursupport app, create a request and our nearest trusted available IT technician will be instantly in contact with you to arrange the best way to help with your IT solution.

Trusted, Easy, Comfortable.

Our goal is to provide a great IT support service and being the result of a very happy customer.

- Having trusted and knowledgeable IT experts readily available to provide our customers with local or remote IT support.
- An easy to use and simplified platform for any type of customer to call on IT experts, whilst being in control of the costs.
- The service must leave our customers comfortable and happy throughout the whole IT request experience.

A global IT support that comes without the traditional headaches.

We remove all bureaucracy, by taking away the cross-border working headaches, dealing with local cultural ways of working, language differences, different timezones, disparate information, different payment terms, or currencies. OurSupport consolidates all this onto one platform, one way of working and a single process back to our customers.

benefits of using OurSupport

OurSupport connects customers and locally available IT technicians all around the world.

OurSupport is an easy to use and simplified platform which enables anyone needing IT assistance to easily request help and get a quick response anywhere in the world. Whether you need onsite or are ok with remote support, our trusted IT technicians are available and ready to help you.
icon One Master Service Agreement(MSA) for organisations covering selected or all locations globally.
icon No upfront or fixed Monthly costs. All work is charged on a pre agreed hourly rate and time limitations on all work done on our customers tickets.
icon A fixed and simple pricing structure for global coverage.
icon Automation and rules based ticket classification and assignment reduces administrative delays.
icon Immediate predicated time estimates on new requests avoids surprise or unplanned costs to our customers.
icon Realtime request tracking and feedback on any intervention or working being done by our IT technicians."
blue line How it works

4 steps for the customers and IT field engineers


Download the OurSupport mobile app

If you are a customer needing support or an IT technician looking to earn extra income, use the links above to download the OurSupport mobile application onto your mobile phone.

Register and login on the OurSupport app

After the app installation, register on the OurSupport mobile application as either a customer or IT technician, if your represent a company or as an individual capacity.

Complete a quick questionnaire

As part of the verification process, you may be required to complete some additional personal information.

Request or Receive tickets in your city

Upon registration, you will be able to request IT support. As an IT technician you will be active in your geographical region and allowed to accept work requests.
line TEAM

One team across many borders

Our ever growing team of Technology professionals are up to date with the latest innovations and technologies and available to support you around the world.

Available IT Experts


line Need more information?

Please be free to contact us and we will try our best to get back to you with more details.

If you have any questions from a customers or IT technician point of view, please be free to contact us and will try our best to reply as fast as possible.
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