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Large Enterprise - IT support

A End-To-End customised service solution

Whilst the same approach is applied, having field support engineerd available across the globe. We understand that customers within this category often require more than just the IT guy arriving onsite.

At Oursupport, we assign a dedicated account manager / coordinator to the account, and work on creatigng automation processes from recieving tickets to updating and reporting and closing each intervention.

Consolidate invoicing with purchase orders named engineers onboarding process (Security bulletins, Training requirements, pre screening processes)

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Why us?

Imagine the knowedge and experience of 1000´s of IT profesionals behind each request for IT help.


Time & Material

The need for proving IT support to people has a significant weight in companies' accounts. Having IT resourcess easily and readily available to provide IT support within SLAs, is the ideal solution for any companies. Having a single platform to request IT user support across the world, on a time and material cost ensures, time saving on new contracts, efficient loggin and reporting and increases cost savings.


We Are Available

Oursupport together with our wide spread network of field technicians , are available to attend to IT support requests across the globe. Oursupport makes the process , tasks and updates between the users and IT technicnans as simple and easy to use as possible.


We Are One Team

Oursupport is made up of one team, every person within the oursupport ecosystem, be it customers, field technicians or administrative helpers, are considered equal and part of a team. By encouraging team work, sharing of knowledge and “shadowing” each other, we are able to deliver an have a win-win for everyone.

SME / Individual - IT support

A simple way of requesting IT assitance

All customers are equally as important to us. however we do recognise that for indicual users and small organizations, there may not be the large corporate screening, pre registering and access security controls required.

Our quick to service approach, means that any customer is able to open a request by downloading our mobile application and registering as a customer. A request is as easy as taking a photo and hiting open ticket.

All intervention requets are followed through by a authorized IT service person within your area. A call is made to confirm, arrange a time and perfome the work. All tasks from calling,travelling are viewable within the app, and have detailed reports to the work done and the time spent. Payment for the service are made within the mobile application, only once the work done the customer is happy with the work. This is based on a predetermined fixed hourly cost across the world, and is made clear on the requesting of an intervention.